Upcoming TBR Webinars

07.12.17 – Consulting in the new APAC age

07.19.17 – Services, software and SAP: Making the most of Leonardo and S/4 HANA

07.26.17 – The business impact of emerging tech

07.27.17 – Growing the top line: Aligning business models to customer trends

08.02.17 – #Digital #CX: Tech vendors and services agencies extend #omnichannel capabilities to maximize revenues

08.09.17 – The stage is set for a PC price war

08.16.17 – Software vendors adapt to ever-changing technology expectations

08.23.17 – Big security vendors are returning with a roar

08.30.17 – Setting Expectations for 5G

09.06.17 – Incumbent IT providers facing disruption in digital services

09.13.17 – Cloud ROI: Myth or reality?

09.20.17 – The IoT value chain: How IoT vendors contribute to customer value

09.27.17 – How data in new style applications drives digital business transformation

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