COVID-19 fallout unlocks unique opportunities for the telecom industry to build out edge infrastructure

CSP spendon edge compute infrastructure will grow at a TBR-projected 54.5% CAGR from 2019 to 2024 to $90B by 2025

COVID-19 fallout unlocks attractive real estate opportunities for edge site locations

Strategically located office and retail real estate is being purchased or leased by shared infrastructure owners (SIOs) and webscales for pennies on the dollar compared to pre-pandemic valuations. These companies intend to convert most of these locations into edge computing sites.

This practice is expected to be widely adopted as COVID-19 fundamentally reshapes the economic landscape and accelerates digitalization. In many cases, these freed-up real estate sites are in ideal locations, close to power and population centers and, in some cases, fiber.

Amazon has been one of the most aggressive in buying real estate, but other companies are expected to ramp up their investments as new opportunities surface when businesses, particularly brick-and-mortar retailers, downsize, go bankrupt, or shift their office building stances in favor of a more permanent or hybrid remote work policy.

TBR’s Telecom Edge Compute Market Landscape, which is global in scope, deep dives into the edge compute-related initiatives of stakeholders in the telecom market including telecom operators, cable operators, webscales and vendors that supply the telecom market. The research includes key findings, market size, regional summary, technology trends, use cases, operator and vendor positioning and strategies, and acquisition and alliance strategies and opportunities.