Intelligent use of artificial intelligence: A tech provider’s guide to automation success

The enterprise automation market opportunity is nearing a tipping point where proof-of-concept tests using adaptive, emerging technologies are hardening and scaling. The gap increasingly widens between leaders and laggards, with leaders now moving from obvious cost take out initiatives into creative destruction pilots for new revenue sources in adjacent markets. Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), for example, has been throwing knockout punches against traditional brick-and-mortar firms and is now taking aim at legacy grocers with its Whole Foods acquisition, which moves the company into adjacent markets. As little as one-tenth of data center personnel are required to monitor and maintain enterprise compute instances as more and more compute provisioning becomes abstracted and automated to create building blocks on the way to utility computing, a concept first raised before the turn of the century. Like it or not, we are on the way to Skynet.

By Executive Analysts Geoff Woollacott and Stephen Davidson