Digital transformation has created significant market buzz and excitement as buyers look to vendors to help modernize business processes and create new ways of working with and connecting to their customers. This shift not only impacts technology users but also the way vendors must message and sell to their prospects. One client facing this conundrum came to TBR seeking help in understanding where a specific segment of its customer base was on the spectrum of digital transformation. The client needed to understand these customers’ technology investment priorities, how these priorities intersect with overarching strategic missions and the perception of what vendors will help them achieve their goals. This type of information is critical to inform sales professionals with to have productive conversations with prospects.

Through the engagement, TBR was able to interview a series of CIOs and conduct a broad survey of the customer segment to create a landscape of how the buyers view digital transformation and how their investment priorities are aligned specific to the client’s technology portfolio. Further, TBR interviewed employees within the client’s sales team to understand their current messaging strategies and perceived gaps in their knowledgebase.

This engagement not only gave the client insight into the specific digital transformation priorities of its target customer base, but also was used to create a training session for its sales team where TBR identified the key buyer trends and priorities that mean  and what that means for engaging with prospects. This engagement armed the sales team with the language to use to align to buyer mentality and questions they need to ask to move prospects to discovery and opportunity phases.