A key challenge for product and service teams is to identify into which offerings and customer segments to invest their go-to-market resources to generate the maximum return. Vendors are often challenged to get a clear picture of what use cases are being invested in, particularly among emerging technologies. A client came to TBR needing assistance in prioritizing which use cases of its new technology offering to promote in specific industry verticals, seeking specific insight into current market adoption and the expected growth rate of each use case.

TBR’s modeling expertise and proprietary financial database of tech vendors and tech segments serves as the keystone of building opportunity analysis. TBR was able to use its existing forecast of the market segment and further refine it to the client’s specific offerings and industry verticals by interviewing a series of industry experts with insight in current demand for solutions, as well as insight into who the decision makers are and how buying decisions are being made. The result was a customized financial model identifying the fastest-growing use cases in the target industries, including context into the specific drivers that will create demand.

The analysis, rooted in quantitative data and corroborated by insight from industry experts, enabled the client to identify its greatest areas of opportunity to focus on to capture market growth over the next three years. Additionally, TBR was able to provide specific context around buyer sentiment and market dynamics such as partner ecosystem that will impact the client’s GTM strategy. The client noted that the research made a “meaningful difference to our business” and TBR’s analysts’ experience in their market and existing financial analysis baseline were the reasons they chose TBR for this work.