Vendors with hybrid strategies gain revenue opportunity

Hybrid deployments on the rise

Hybrid-influenced vendors are benefiting from instituting a vendor-agnostic approach, working with third-party vendors that offer cloud management tools and services. TBR expects IBM’s position in the hybrid market has been greatly strengthened since the company obtained a powerful integration layer for hybrid multicloud environments through the acquisition of Red Hat. However, other vendors like Microsoft, and now VMware, will challenge IBM’s PaaS-led approach going forward. As more vendors like VMware rapidly exit lower-margin software and instead battle for hybrid workloads, the competitive landscape will shift.

TBR’s Hybrid Benchmark helps providers of hybrid environments and their partners align to growing opportunity, highlighting the market size of hybrid-influenced public cloud, hosted private cloud and traditional software; the go-to-market strategies vendors are using to drive revenue in the hybrid IT space; gaps in the current ecosystems for enterprises; how vendors are addressing customers’ integration challenges; and more.

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