1Q22 5G Telecom Market Landscape infographic

Governments have passed over $30T in stimulus since the pandemic began, of which about $3T is earmarked for ICT

1Q22 5G Telecom Market Landscape infographic

Key Insights

Government funding will incentivize communication service providers to pull forward and broaden the scope of their 5G deployments, causing demand for 5G infrastructure to reach critical mass by the middle of this decade. ​

Of the $3 trillion earmarked for ICT, TBR estimates approximately $800 billion, or nearly 27%, will be allocated for connectivity infrastructure, of which 5G is a major component. ​

Money is targeted at key areas of strategic importance, such as quantum computing, semiconductors, 5G, broadband infrastructure, edge computing, AI, IoT and other ICT-related domains. ​

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