Government investments worldwide will help accelerate 5G deployments as societies adapt to new normal

Key insights

An increasing number of governments worldwide are becoming directly and/or indirectly involved in ensuring new technologies, such as 5G, are widely deployed in their respective countries.

TBR’s research indicates governments worldwide will invest more than $2 trillion in the ICT sector over the next five years, starting in earnest in 2021. Of that $2 trillion, several hundred billion dollars will flow directly into the 5G market.

The pandemic has accelerated enterprise interest in adopting new technologies such as 5G as a part of their digital transformations, aligning with social distancing mandates and supporting remote work environments.

The 5G Telecom Market Landscape includes key findings, market size, customer adoption, operator positioning and strategies, geographic adoption, vendor positioning and strategies, and acquisition and alliance strategies and opportunities.

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