IT majors may have incurred higher costs for insurance, health benefits for staff in June quarter

“Rewarding employees, especially the over-performing ones, with higher variable pay during times of crisis is typically a strong morale booster. While attrition also came down across all vendors, vendors know that retaining highly-skilled, loyal personnel can be a hard task, said Boz Hristov, Professional Services Senior Analyst, Technology Business Research Inc.” — The Hindu Business […]

COVID-19 is driving IBM, IT industry to deliver faster ‘edge’ computing

“The use cases for edge computing were already vast and varied prior to the pandemic. Self-driving cars, heartmonitoring devices, crop-sensing machinery and inventory-management sensors are examples that scratch the surface of how the low latency, bandwidth management and advanced analytics afforded by edge computing are valuable in a variety of industries.” — WRAL TechWire

Technology Business Research, Inc. announces 3Q20 webinar schedule

Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) announces the schedule for its 3Q20 webinar series. July 15          The long view: Which post-pandemic trends will shape the world in 2030? Technology trends that were shaping the digital transformation world pre-pandemic as well as predictions for 2030 July 29          From boom to bust and back: COVID-19 changes dynamics of […]

Cloud vendors expand their go-to-market tool kits

Customers’ desire for choice and flexibility coupled with complex market dynamics are shifting the cloud landscape, forcing vendors to adopt technology-neutral approaches through partnerships and targeted acquisitions. Join Allan Krans, Nicole Catchpole, Jack McElwee and Catie Merrill Sept. 16 for a discussion on how vendor go-to-market strategies are evolving and becoming increasingly creative in the […]

5G is coming faster than originally expected

Competitive and government pressures have been building for communication service providers (CSPs) in key countries and regions, especially over the past six months, to implement 5G faster and more widely across geographies than original timelines suggested. COVID-19 is one of the few key catalysts of this push. Join Principal Analyst Chris Antlitz Aug. 26 for […]