AT&T Trumpets SDN Milestone, Reiterates Virtualization Goal

“In the realm of NFV and SDN, AT&T is among the leaders in transitioning its network to this new architecture, said Chris Antlitz, telecom principal analyst at Technology Business Research. Significant Achievement in SDN “‘The 75% is a significant number. They’ve built an underlay I believe for their SD-WAN … versus a lot of other […]

Cisco acquisitions in 2019 bolster service provider strategy

“Chris Antlitz, an analyst at Technology Business Research Inc., said Cisco’s DX strategy stems from its longtime relationship with carriers, which he said accounts for about a quarter of Cisco’s overall revenue. “‘They’re building an architecture that telcos want to align with,’ Antlitz said. ‘These acquisitions strengthen the value proposition of the architecture they’re building.’” […]

HPE telco vertical ‘key gateway’ for future growth

“According to analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR), the vendor’s previously ‘marginalised’ Communications and Media Solutions (CMS) has received new life amid the global business transformation sweep.  “In particular, the changes prompted by 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will become a ‘key growth pillar’ for HPE as new opportunities emerge in the […]

Digital Transformation Insights: What do we mean by ‘cross vendor’?

As part of our Digital Transformation Insights portfolio, twice this year we’ve published cross vendor reports, narrowing our analysis down to a few select vendors while staying within the context of digital transformation. In the first report, we put Accenture and IBM side by side — looking at the two companies’ past, present and future […]

Top growing consultancies lean into emerging technologies

Twice a year TBR publishes its Management Consulting Benchmark, which provides key service line, regional, vertical and operational data and analysis for 13 leading management consulting vendors. The benchmark also includes deep dives into 11 of the 13 vendors. This week, TBR will publish insights into two of those vendors: IBM and EY. “IBM is […]

Digital transformation in 2020: How hype gets scale and substance

TBR continues to track the evolution of emerging technologies, the changing roles of business models for vendors, and enterprises’ expectations as digital transformation further shifts from hype to concrete offerings delivered by IT services and technology vendors. The next wave of change will bring further disruption, but also scale and speed that will separate the […]

Device market disruptors

AR, VR, smart speakers and AI chips are part of the digital transformation story New technologies have driven growth in the consumer device market. Smart speakers are ubiquitous, and adoption of these devices has grown faster than for any new product since smartphones. AR and VR adoption is growing more slowly but the technology is […]

Will ‘new’ management consulting models support digital transformation?

An exclusive review of TBR’s Management Consulting Benchmark As a diverse set of IT services vendors take consulting-led approaches to capturing new logos and delivering digital transformations, the established strategy consultancies have invested in emerging technology capabilities and diverse talent. In a world in which every services vendor is also a consultancy, these old-school firms […]