Quick Quantum Quips: Quantum systems become increasingly accessible

Welcome to TBR’s monthly newsletter on the quantum computing market: Quick Quantum Quips (Q3). This market changes rapidly, and the hype can often distract from the realities of the actual technological developments. This newsletter keeps the community up to date on recent announcements while stripping away the hype around developments. November 2020 Developments Access to […]

Opportunities abound for enterprise security vendors as customers adapt their IT to the new COVID-19 world

Key insights COVID-19 rapidly increased the need for enterprise security in remote and edge environments to enable remote employees to work securely. Many multiline vendors in the enterprise security market also sell data center infrastructure and attach enterprise security sales to hardware sales to provide customers with complete solutions. Data center hardware backlogs therefore slowed […]

While challenges persist for security vendors due to COVID-19, opportunities abound as customers adapt to the new world

Acquisition sprees continue despite economic woes As noted in TBR’s 1H20 Security Benchmark, consolidation continues in the enterprise security market as customers continue to seek to work with fewer vendors to secure their IT portfolios. This encourages larger firms to make tuck-in acquisitions to meet customer demands. COVID-19 rapidly increased the need for enterprise security […]

Enterprise edge compute opportunity expands in COVID-19 economy as use cases emerge in areas such as societal health and safety

While the overall IT infrastructure market is challenged by shifting spending habits due to COVID-19, the lifestyle changes necessitated by the virus have shifted workloads and customers closer to the edge, creating significant opportunity in the enterprise edge compute market. However, because this is a lone bright spot in an otherwise uncertain landscape, competition is […]

Middleware: The quantum computing differentiator

As COVID-19 rages on throughout the world, more people are seeing the value quantum computing can provide once the technology matures. An integral piece of quantum computing’s success is the middleware bridging existing code and algorithms to the new logical circuitry being established that sits on top of the quantum circuits. This integration and abstraction will […]