Webscales will capture the majority of economic value of telecom edge compute market

Nascent trends in the edge computing market should worry telcos Webscales have various initiatives underway that will disrupt aspects of telcos’ business model, posing a direct threat to their connectivity businesses and ability to capitalize on new value created from 5G and edge computing. Webscales’ rapidly expanding presence in the edge compute space and keen […]

Nascent trends in edge compute market should worry telcos as webscales disrupt incumbents’ business models

Key insights Webscales will leverage their own infrastructure, platforms and ecosystems to disrupt vendors and relegate incumbent operators to providing site access and backhaul services. Though webscales are posturing like they want to partner with telcos on new opportunities, edge compute partnerships between webscales and telcos to date are more exploitative than cooperative in nature. […]

Webscales will ultimately become more like competitors than partners to operators to capitalize on 5G-era opportunities

Webscales are not the telco’s friend The Big Nine have various initiatives underway that will disrupt aspects of the telecom business model and pose a direct threat to operators’ existing connectivity businesses and their ability to capitalize on new value created from 5G. Though webscales are posturing like they want to partner with telcos on […]

The Big 9 will own and control the value chain in the digital era

Drivers and Investments The Big Nine’s underlying goal is to provide a seamless, end-to-end digital experience to end users that will maximize webscales’ value capture in the digital era. Webscales already own significant portions of long-haul transport, cloud data centers, SD-WAN and communications platforms globally, and TBR believes the next step will be for webscales […]

Despite complexity and market challenges, CSP spend on NFV/SDN will grow at a 32.4% CAGR from 2019 to 2024 to nearly $147B

Key Insights NFV/SDN spend will scale through the forecast period as leading CSPs broaden their transformation initiatives and as other CSPs begin their transformational journeys. Operators will increasingly invest in virtualized network solutions, including vRAN and virtual network cores, to reap the full benefits of 5G. The pool of vendors capable of aiding telecom operators […]

COVID-19 fallout unlocks unique opportunities for the telecom industry to build out edge infrastructure

COVID-19 fallout unlocks attractive real estate opportunities for edge site locations Strategically located office and retail real estate is being purchased or leased by shared infrastructure owners (SIOs) and webscales for pennies on the dollar compared to pre-pandemic valuations. These companies intend to convert most of these locations into edge computing sites. This practice is […]

Amid a consolidating market, vendors adopt creative initiatives to fight for mission-critical cloud workloads

Public cloud growth leaders While Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to dominate the public cloud IaaS market, its rivals continue to expand in the space and even collaborate to take market share. Microsoft and Oracle added a new data center interconnection in Amsterdam, deepening the ties between the vendors as they enable customers to run […]