Entries by Ezra Gottheil, Principal Analyst

Democratization now: It’s good for business

Data democratization is a hot topic now. Spokespeople from Google, SAP, Capgemini and other tech companies have spoken and written about how making data available to as many people as possible will both unleash the power of technology and prevent abuse of closely held data. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sprinkles his talks and interviews with […]

Oracle guides its customers into IoT

Oracle’s expanded IoT cloud Oracle IoT Cloud focuses on offering easy integration with Oracle’s Business Intelligence Mobile Cloud and can be offered as both a SaaS application and a PaaS offering. Interestingly, Oracle did not highlight Amazon Web Services, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) or Google as partners, indicating the company prefers to keep data inside its […]

Successful companies will organize for continual IoT innovation

In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, successful companies will innovate constantly, at all levels of the organization. The most successful of these companies will change their culture and processes to foster this innovation. For many companies, IoT will trigger organizational change, which, in turn, will drive innovation in other areas as well as IoT. […]