IoT use case stories: How use cases drive IoT

Join Ezra Gottheil and Eric Costa to explore the wealth of knowledge TBR has gathered on IoT use cases over the past five years. While thousands of use cases have emerged, there are clear winners and patterns of adoption for specific verticals and business processes. For most vendors, and for most IoT-related products and services, […]

The number of IoT use cases continues to grow, particularly those with smaller-scale and specific applications

IoT projects are proliferating across verticals and geographies, despite the reduced level of promotion and discussion among vendors. Customers, and therefore vendors, are focused on solutions, and IoT is a class of solutions, not a solution itself. Customers understand the broad concepts of IoT and are concentrating on using those concepts to solve specific problems. […]

Vendors are embedding IoT throughout their organizations

Vendors are rebuilding their IoT GTM strategies Although vendors are deemphasizing IoT publicly, their overall businesses continue to grow at an accelerating rate slightly over 20%. While TBR is seeing more IoT-based projects than before, the average project scale is shrinking. And though a growing number of specialized solutions and components are entering the market, […]