Revenue growth slowdowns in overall and license segments underscore the importance of software vendors linking new products to customers' business problems. With the continuing instability in global markets and the rapidly growing cloud ecosystem threatening the install base, enterprise software vendors face myriad obstacles to maintain stability and drive growth. Vendors focus on enhancing offerings through complementary feature deployment and delivery models, leveraging the strengths of technology and channel partners to enter new markets and realigning internal organizations and strategies to better position businesses to opportunities. Software vendors that balance traditionally deployed solutions with more flexible forms of IT delivery (e.g., cloud, mobile) will be best positioned to maintain profitable growth as customers increasingly demand the flexibility that cloud and mobile solutions provide.

Our enterprise software portfolio provides insight to the enterprise software ecosystem, including applications vendors, systems management providers and technology vendors as well as the partner networks each segment relies on to sustain revenue growth in the enterprise and midmarket. Our analysis speaks to vendor trends and broader industry outlooks while market sizing and forecasting highlight industry opportunity and customer buying behavior.