Data Center

Data centers continue to serve as the engines behind today's most successful businesses, continually tuned to deliver optimum workload performance and competitive advantage in the wake of big data. The server sprawl of the last decade is slowing as IT and line-of-business decision makers shift technology to support specific workloads, rather than deploying equipment en masse. This workload focus, as well as the business-driven requirement to make every IT dollar count, spurred a move toward converged infrastructure.

Technology Business Research's data center portfolio examines the intricacies of the data center ecosystem and delivers insight on hardware vendors, partners, product strategies and go-to-market trends. TBR's analysis reveals trends impacting the industry and uses proprietary metrics to size markets, and maneuvers clients into advantageous positions. TBR's Data Center research includes server, storage, networking and microprocessor vendors, and channel and technology partners.