Analytics & Insights

The business intelligence software market landscape is set for growth over the coming years as pure-play BI firms invest in portfolio capabilities and traditional software firms extend the capabilities of their core products. Current BI software adoption is only the tip of the iceberg, as pressure is growing for customers to increase the use of analytics to extend the business applicability of current data. While the platforms provide an opportunity for better analytics, data quality remains the center of customers' success and vendor opportunity. As customers maximize BI solutions across applications, platforms, tools and data warehousing to support BI, the groundwork is laid for customers to consider broader analytics investments and for vendors to increase share of wallet through BI and analytics software, the entire array of data management applications, and the professional services required to deploy these solutions.

Technology Business Research Inc.'s business intelligence portfolio provides insight to the vendors, trends and products influencing business intelligence market growth. Research evaluating software and professional services in the enterprise and midmarket BI segments includes vendor performance, vendor opportunity and customer buying behavior. Our vendor-centric analysis highlights firm opportunity and broader market trends, with opportunity sizing and forecasting as the bellwether of long-term industry trends.