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From SAP to Red Hat: Lenovo to leverage partnerships to boost data center numbers

Krista Macomber, analyst with TBR, says she’s seeing the data center industry as a whole shift toward “these very strategic, high-profile alliances.”

FairPoint Reputation Cited as Risk, Opportunity for Consolidated

“FairPoint has history of service quality issues,” said Technology Business Research analyst Chris Antlitz. “A lot of the issues stem from underinvestment in back office systems and the network. Consolidated can and is likely to use this factor to its advantage to seal the deal because they can promise to clear up some of those issues and boost investment if allowed to merge.”

Verizon partners with Ericsson to bolster virtualization, SD-WAN

TBR said Verizon’s efforts appear to be targeting support for “5G” technology plans, with indications the carrier is “looking at aligning NFV/SDN to fulfill 5G requirements and planning to move its wireless network services closer to the edge of the network using NFV.”

Analysis: Automation, not policy, will kill H-1B visas

TBR believes enterprise IT buyers -- the very large American companies using India-centric offshore services vendors...

Inside Cisco: Services deliver 55th consecutive quarter of growth

Cisco services revenue grows for 55th consecutive quarter as the company expands its security and data analytics capabilities to enhance portfolio, writes Technology Business Research Analyst Kelly Lesicka in a review of the tech giant's latest financials....

Liquid Infrastructure – It’s Time to Change the Game

It is no wonder therefore that analyst firm Technology Business Research says SDN is approaching adoption by an early majority of enterprises and will compose nearly 40 percent of global enterprise network infrastructure revenue

Seeking to improve the workflow efficiencies of corporate IT shops, ServiceNow incorporates IBM's cognitive technology

"They are stepping up their efforts to eliminate many of the manual processes involved with lower-level IT tasks," said Sanjay Medvitz, an analyst at Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR) in Hampton, N.H.

Why SoftBank is ready to exit from Sprint

Unlimited data will be the centerpiece of Sprint's postpaid strategy in 2017...", Steve Vachon, Research Analyst at TBR

Inside Lenovo: PC biz improving but mobile, data center woes are a drag

However, the good news announced Thursday was overshadowed by the company's ongoing challenges in smartphone and data center markets, says Technology Business Research Analyst Jack Narcotta....

Inside Cisco: Look for more M&A in '17 as hardware revenue declines

After reviewing Cisco's latest financial results, Technology Business Research Analyst Patrick Filkins says the networking giant is likely to accelerate mergers and acquisitions in an attempt to counter declining hardware sales.

Inside NetApp: Earnings show years of turnaround efforts paying off

A review of NetApp's financial results shows that years of effort produce positive, but tenuous financial improvement, says Technology Business Research Analyst Stephanie Long.

You just might find your next job on Facebook

This is a strong move for Facebook, said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research. "It's a potential source of revenue. No one minds seeing job opportunities, as long as they're not too intrusive. Why wouldn't Facebook do it?"

Gottheil also said he doesn't see Facebook's move as a big threat to LinkedIn, the social media network for business and careers.

"LinkedIn focuses on people with specific backgrounds, but it looks like the Facebook play is more like, 'If you like our company, maybe you'd like to work here,' " he said. "Posting a 'we're hiring' sign is intrinsically different from finding people with specific experience."

Verizon brings back unlimited data, but T-Mobile's One strategy still a step ahead

Verizon has announced a return to unlimited data plans, but T-Mobile remains a step ahead of competitors through its T-Mobile One strategy, says Technology Business Research Analyst Steve Vachon....

Sprint slashes price unlimited plan 50 less Verizon

Unlimted data will be the centerpiece of Sprint's postpaid strategy in 2017..., Steve Vachon said

It's time for enterprise SSDs: Why clinging to traditional storage arrays is slowing your business

“For the near term, we expect data centers will be hybrid disk and flash,” says Krista Macomber, senior analyst for data center issues at Technology Business Research.

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