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Top PC seller HP shows strong growth, eyes 3D printing as 'growth engine'

...DANIEL CALLAHAN, Technology Business Research...

The mainframe environment: A thing of the past or the future?

"We have been signifying the death of the mainframe for a couple of decades. It is almost as long a [forecast] demise as that of General Francisco Franco," said Geoff Woollacott, principal analyst with Technology Business Research. "Big iron is old and archaic, but it still has utility."

Cisco revenue dips 4% despite acquisitions and product innovation

Mike Soper, Analyst at Technology Business Review, said Costco closed fiscal 2017 down, however the company will pare losses in 2018 as clients accelerate reinvestments in core product portfolio areas.

Inside Cisco: Financials reflect ongoing transition challenges

Cisco's ongoing portfolio transition efforts support the recapture of growth in 2018 as clients increasingly seek next generation network solutions, says Technology Business Research Analyst Michael Soper...

The ascent of AI: What this means for IBM, other IT vendors

In the second of a two-part report, Technology Business research Analyst Jennifer Hamel examines what the ascent of artificial intelligence means to information technology providers like IBM - software, hardware and services....

IoT everywhere: How enterprises can embrace 'IT transformation'

In the second of a two-part report, Technology Business Research Analyst discusses factors required for successful enterprise adoption of IoT....

The rise of AI: Conditions ripen for ascent of artificial intelligence

2017, the year of artificial intelligence? Could be. Advances in technology enable organizations to treat AI less like an expensive, long-term research endeavor and more like a springboard for agile product development and business model evolution, says Technology Business Research Analyst Jennifer Hamel..

IoT everywhere: Successful companies will organize for continual innovation

In the age known as Internet of Things, the companies that will be successful are those that prepare to embrace continual innovation, says Technology Business Research Analyst Ezra Gottheil....

New players emerge to challenge Facebook and Google digital ad duopoly

Facebook and Google face increasing competition from two emerging rivals - Verizon combining resources under Oath and Amazon - says Technology Business Research Analyst Seth Ulinski....

DXC Technology reveals first post-merger financials

According to Technology Business Research analyst, Kevin Collupy, DXC reported 2Q17 revenues or US$5.9 billion, the rapid growth driven by the addition of the HPE ES business being compared against just the legacy CSC business, last year.

Inside the omnichannel: What's hot? What's working Who's winning?

Technology Business Research Analyst Seth Ulinski takes an in-depth look....

Niche monetisation "critical" for ailing Unysis

In the words of Technology Business Research professional services senior analyst, Elitsa Bakalova, the company’s financial performance “remained lumpy and unsatisfactory”.

"The company experienced ongoing challenges across all services segments, with notable revenue declines in application services as well as cloud and infrastructure services, which collectively accounted for 91 per cent of services revenues in 2017," said Bakalova.

Apple's guidance hints at next-gen iPhone release

Apple grows revenue in all segments in 2Q17, and its guidance hints at the next-gen iPhone release, says Technology Business Research Analyst Daniel Callahan. "TBR expects that the iPhone 8 may surface in calendar 3Q17, but be of limited supply due to component supply constraints.," Callahan writes.

Cloud of good news: AWS perfects its small-but-mighty role in the Amazon show

Amazon Web Services' growth is helping boost Amazon's bottom line with its strongest performance to date, says Technology Business Research Analyst Meaghan McGrath....

Sprint CEO Hints M&A Announcement is Coming in the “Near Future”

Technology Business Research Telecom Analyst Steve Vachon offered similar views about Sprint’s merger prospects.

“Joining up with a cable operator would enable Sprint to enhance its competitiveness and value proposition as the mobility and video industries more deeply converge. Collaborating with a video provider will help Sprint keep in step with AT&T’s DirecTV Now wireless bundles and a potential upcoming nationwide Verizon TV streaming service, enabling the carrier to more deeply cement its subscriber base amidst heightening competitive pressures,” Vachon wrote. “A tie-up with T-Mobile also provides great opportunity as both companies position to offer 5G mobility services in the 2019-2020 timeframe. Sprint’s vast 2.5 GHz spectrum holdings coupled with the success of T-Mobile Un-carrier go-to-market strategies would create a formidable opponent for AT&T and Verizon in the 5G era.”

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