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Cloud security challenges spark startup acquisitions

... said Cassandra Mooshian, an analyst at Technology Business Research Inc. in Hampton, N.H. Enterprises have different security implications and expectations for hybrid deployments as they share data between a private data center and the cloud.

"As vendors push the hybrid environment -- and as they also push into AI and analytics capabilities -- they have to do this," she said. "Security is top of mind for customers and they don't want their data compromised."

5G architecture plus NFV, SDN offers performance gains

While 5G wireless doesn't depend on network virtualization technologies to survive, it can benefit from them, said Chris Antlitz, senior telecom analyst at Technology Business Research Inc., based in Hampton, N.H., and author of a new report on phases of 5G adoption.

End of general support for vSphere 5.5 forces IT shops' hands

"A lot of shops are moving to Agile development where every three weeks they are pushing out enhancements to products by way of the cloud," said Geoff Woollacott, senior strategy consultant and principal analyst with Technology Business Research Inc. in Hampton, N.H. "With [vSphere 5.5] you have a very different delivery model that has a cadence that doesn't fit into the new world."

In battle for world’s top PC seller, HP gains at expense of Lenovo, Dell

TBR believes the company is taking advantage of a wave of PC refreshes as consumers and enterprises replace aging devices. HP Inc.’s double-digit growth is at the expense of Lenovo and Dell Technologies, TBR believes. {Lenovo ranks No. 2 and Dell No. 3 in global PC sales behind HP.] While offering no data to support it, HP Inc. also noted it is gaining traction in Device as a Service and aims to be the premier multi-OS solution.

Operators invest billions, hope in 5G wireless technology

Amid the hype that already surrounds 5G wireless technology, Chris Antlitz, senior telecom analyst at Technology Business Research, a consultancy based in Hampton, N.H., said the push toward 5G deployment begins in earnest this year with two predominant use cases -- fixed wireless broadband and early 5G mobile services.

Government contracting consolidation begs the question of who's next

But Joey Cresta, an analyst with Technology Business Research Inc. in Hampton, New Hampshire, who closely tracks the government services market, sees challenges ahead for ManTech in 2018 “around its relative lack of scale, especially as industry consolidation continues.” That consolidation, albeit on a smaller scale, could be key to these middle-market players, he said. “ManTech can leverage a capital deployment strategy that favors acquisitions to rapidly scale up in high-priority areas such as cloud, cyber and analytics, with the recent two-year federal budget deal providing additional clarity for strategic decision making,” Cresta wrote in a research note.

IT revenues: Top Four see US pie shrink in Dec quarter, even as Europe’s share goes up

Boz Hristov, analyst with US-based Technology Business Research, said as legacy service lines become commoditised, India-centric vendors continue to lag multinational companies like Accenture and IBM in consulting brand and capabilities, and their opportunity pie is shrinking.

Xively buy broadens Google Cloud IoT tool utility

The Xively acquisition indicates Google will emphasize device management at a broad level, rather than focusing on narrow subsets of devices, said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research Inc. in Hampton, N.H.

"Whether you're dealing with tens of millions of cameras on door locks or tens of thousands of sensors on generators or wind turbines, that kind of device and connectivity management is one of the things that cuts across both consumer and commercial applications, and Google is playing in both of those pretty aggressively," he said.

Analysis: Cisco, NetApp earnings reports show different paths to growth

TBR believes traction in key markets, such as the ongoing acceleration of NetApp’s all-flash portfolio and the bolstering of NetApp’s market presence in cloud with its recently launched NetApp Cloud Volumes for Amazon Web Services (AWS) reinforced positive revenue momentum.

Analysis: Cisco, NetApp earnings reports show different paths to growth


Canada's race to 5G: How carriers plan to win the next wireless era

Subscription needed

Over the next four years alone, the countries leading the way on 5G – China, Japan, South Korea and the U.S. – will spend a combined US$8-billion, according to another report by U.S. consulting firm Technology Business Research.

Capgemini builds on digital and cloud growth

According to Technology Business Research (TBR) senior analyst, Elitsa Bakalova, the latest figures offer glimpse of what Capgemini’s business will look like going forward.

“Capgemini is successfully driving its transition to a digital and cloud service provider, indicated by sustained revenue growth year-to-year and a stable operating margin for the full year 2017,” Bakalova said. “Digital and cloud, which collectively accounted for 38 per cent of revenue in 2017, up from 30 per cent in 2016, will remain the future areas of expansion for Capgemini.

T-Mobile’s Core Businesses Continue to Flourish

....Steve Vachon is a telecom analyst for Technology Business Research, Inc., an independent technology market research and consulting firm specializing in the business and financial analyses of hardware, software, networking equipment, wireless, portal and professional services vendor

As other contractors exit services market, General Dynamics bets big on it

Joey Cresta, an analyst at market research firm Technology Business Research, told Inside Defense the reasons Lockheed exited the market still exist. "It's a very crowded market, it's a very fragmented market," he said. "All those things that concerned Lockheed about the market remain true." For General Dynamics to stay competitive, "they essentially felt they had to make a move like CSRA," he said, describing CSRA, which has touted its partnerships with Amazon and Microsoft, as the type of contractor that threatens to erode GD's market share. Now, he said, General Dynamics must demonstrate it can maintain CSRA's innovative approach. GD will need to "really make sure that the new perspectives coming over from CSRA are not essentially suppressed by the corporate machine of General Dynamics," Cresta said. "Ostensibly, the reason that you're acquiring CSRA is that they're innovation focused."

Enterprises won't reap benefits of 5G until 2020s

While the benefits of 5G networks include fiber-like speeds with extremely low latency, 4G LTE will remain more than sufficient for most business uses, said report author Chris Antlitz, a senior analyst at Technology Business Research Inc., based in Hampton, N.H.

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