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Watch out, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM: Google Cloud an emerging threat

By MEAGHAN McGRATH, Technology Business Research

Solution Providers Say Focus On Application, DevOps Security At All-Time High

That's a trend that wasn't there a year ago, said Jane Wright, principal analyst at Technology Business Research.

IT firms turn to local talent in US

Boz Hristov, Professional Services Senior Analyst, Technology Business Research, a US-based research firm, said that building a US-based workforce has been an ‘aspirational’ idea for many years for most India-centric vendors.

Interop ITX Spotlights IT Infrastructure Evolution

"Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Myths and Truths" -- The buzz around converged/hyperconverged infrastructure is inescapable. Interop ITX features a couple sessions to help cut through the hype. This session, presented by Krista Macomber, TBR senior analyst, will cover the pros and cons, adoption trends, and provide recommendations for enterprises considering the technology.

Pennsylvania Clears Consolidated/FairPoint; New England Resistance Continues

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There may be a strong case for broadband deployment conditions, especially in rural areas that haven’t seen much investment from FairPoint since the company’s rocky integration of Verizon wireline assets in 2008, said Technology Business Research analyst Chris Antlitz.

Don't overlook Bosch as a major player in IoT

Technology Business Research believes that IoT solutions will proliferate in customer companies and will increasingly integrate with other IoT solutions, other non-IoT solutions, and with partner company systems.

HPE steps up threats to Lenovo, Cisco with Nimble Storage deal

Nimble Storage represents the most recent fuel for HPE's acquisition-accelerated portfolio evolution and presents challenges for Lenovo as well as Cisco which were Nimble Storage partners, reports Krista Macomber of Technology Business Research

Could HPE’s US$1B Nimble deal lead to confusion in the channel?

Among the potential side-effects of the deal, however, could be the emergence of a flurry of new alliances by existing technology partners of the flash storage vendor, such as Cisco and Lenovo, according to Technology Business Research analyst, Krista Macomber.

HPE Snaps Up Flash Supplier Nimble Storage

Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Technology Business Research, said Nimble has been one of the more successful flash storage vendors by combining innovation in flash components with its InfoSight analytics platform. Bringing analytics to the table for functions like performance monitoring "can help customers maximize their investment in flash technologies," she told me in a phone interview.

Super 7' accelerate cloud, says TBR

Chris Antlitz, a telecom senior analyst at TBR, said “All of the Super 7 companies are aggressively building data center footprints globally and are baking in significantly more capacity than they currently need in anticipation of future data traffic growth.”

“However, despite the addition of extra capacity upfront, capex growth will remain robust through the next five years as workloads increasingly move to the cloud and as the digital ecosystem flourishes worldwide,” the analyst said.

Look for 'shrink-wrapped' IoT to drive accelerating growth

Research firm Technology Business research believes packaged, "off-the-shelf" -- or "shrink-wrapped" -- Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will drive accelerating growth of IoT-driven vendor revenue for the foreseeable future, fueled by increased availability of IoT solutions targeted at specific use cases that address specific business processes in industry subverticals....

The rise and fall of the IT job

Boz Hristov, Professional Services Senior Analyst, Technology Business Research, a US-based research firm, says the exponential hiring followed the natural bell curve of IT outsourcing market maturity.

Why premium PCs are paying off for HP

“HP’s premium PCs are its most potent revenue and profit generators,” Technology Business Research Senior Analyst, Jack Narcotta, observed.

Watch out, Lenovo: HP's bets on premium PCs is paying off

Recent statistics show Lenovo's lead is shrinking, and Technology Business Research Analyst Jack Narcotta explains why HP is gaining strength....

Reports: Symantec, LifeLock Recently Eyed FireEye For Acquisition

Jane Wright, principal analyst at Technology Business Research, said the LifeLock technology portfolio, which focuses around identity protection and remediation services for the consumer market, doesn't fit well with the FireEye portfolio

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