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Inside Red Hat: Cloud, Linux success fuel red-hot growth

By SANJAY MEDVITZ, Technology Business Research

One Year Of Kevin Mandia: Partners Say FireEye Is Evolving Under New CEO, But Still Has Work To Do

Jane Wright, principal analyst, security at Technology Business Research, said FireEye was the fastest growing security vendor by revenue in the research firm's Security Benchmark in 2014. She said the company is now near the bottom of the list of vendors the firm tracks in terms of revenue growth.

"FireEye is in a difficult position right now," Wright said. "It needs to spend a lot to continue innovating [through] R&D spending and to maintain customer and partner appreciation of its offerings [through] sales and marketing spending. But high spending cuts into profitability, leaving FireEye to continue depending on investor funding rather than generating its own funds for future growth."

Huawei rises a 'potent competitor' in new threat to Lenovo

Technology Business Research sees the firm as a "potent competitor."...

What impact will Huawei's PC move have on Lenovo, other rivals?

Technology Business Research Analyst Jack Narcotta takes a look....

Watch Out for Comcast in Network Virtualization, Says TBR

“That is all-in,” said the research group’s senior telecom analyst Chris Antlitz. “It includes not only software and NFVI but also the full lifecycle of services required for SDN and NFV environments.

The New Old Guard: Symantec And McAfee Fight To Regain Dominance In The New World Of Security

"This might not seem like a lot, but [endpoint security] will be an $8.8 billion segment by 2021 … so the loss of nearly 1 percent of share can make a big difference in an endpoint security vendor's future. … We focus on this not so much as a loss of 1 percent share for the top five vendors, but the opportunity for another vendor to come forward and take another percentage point of share from the larger vendors," said Jane Wright, principal analyst for security at Technology Business Research.

Inside VMware: Tapping strategic partnerships to fuel innovation

Diverse contributions from VMware's growing portfolio of services is delivering strong growth so far in 2017, says Technology Business Research Analyst Sanjay Medvitz...

Inside Informatica: New brand unifies products, shifts siloed market perception

Customers should understand that Informatica is not just a Master Data Management vendor, or just an extract, transform, load product vendor. Informatica's portfolio of leading products across numerous data management market segments enables the company to provide an integrated suite of composable data management products, and layer intelligence and insight across the suite, says Technology Business Research Analyst Meaghan McGrath....

HPE’s software “woes” continue amid US$612M quarterly loss

According to Technology Business Research analyst, Sanjay Medvitz, the company’s ongoing software “woes” have been putting pressure on its infrastructure-centric approach to succeed following the merger

HPE Hits More 'Headwinds', Suffers Another Revenue Decline

HPE finalized the so-called spin-merger of its enterprise services business during the quarter (March 20) and is planning to finalize the spin-merge of its software business in September, adding further complexities to its portfolio realignment efforts, TBR analyst Stephanie Long said in a media advisory.

Inside HP: Demand for premium PCs fuels revenue growth

Analysis: HP's latest earnings report shows that premium PC sales are fueling revenue growth and profit recovery while HP continues to battle Lenovo for the No. 1 spot in global PC shipments,, says Technology Business Research Analyst Jack Narcotta....

Google IoT service checks box years after AWS, Azure

That architecture can work when devices are scattered globally, but it's not always the best for multiple devices close together, such as a factory floor, said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst at Technology Business Research Inc., in Hampton, N.H.

"What Google is doing with this is adding an asset and passively saying, 'If you want to use our platform for other reasons, now you can,'" he said.

Inside Lenovo: Mobile, data center losses threaten profitability

Analysis: Lenovo's revamped go-to-market strategy fueled a return to revenue growth, but operating losses in Mobile and Data Center threaten its profitability, says Technology Business Research Analyst Jack Narcotta..

Cisco’s software pivot leads to near-term layoff of 1,100 employees amid weak outlook

“Cisco’s headcount will decrease a net of less than 6,600 employees as TBR believes Cisco is largely retaining the talent brought in by its software acquisition spree and hiring in IoT, security, cloud, and analytics,” said Michael Soper, telecom analyst for Technology Business Research, in a research note. “TBR expects headcount reductions to primarily come from administration and hardware-focused R&D.”

Robot future: IBM acts for jobs on a best-in-class way forward via public-private partnerships Read

n the second of a two-part report abot robotics' threat to jobs for humans in the future, Geoff Woollacott, Senior Strategy Consultant and Principal Analyst at Technology Business Research, outlines ideas from IBM to help people stay employed....

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