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The market for servers not based on x86 processors is approaching an inflection point, as customers balance their need for cost-effective and flexible solutions with heightened performance and security requirements for emerging digital use cases tuned for the Business of One era. IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) server lines have historically been known for being higher performing than their x86 counterparts, and recently, with the unveiling of the z14, they are investing in improving their reputation for even greater security capabilities achieved through pervasive encryption, which reinforces IBM’s differentiation in the server market.

On April 10, IBM unveiled the latest additions to the IBM Z family tree, which include new system models designed to be more cost-effective and, therefore, more desirable in the midmarket and more suitable for cloud environments. LinuxONE and z14 also now have a build-your-own-device feel to them whereby customers can select their choice of mainframe servers, storage and switches to optimize the mainframe stack for specific application use cases. Recent developments to LinuxONE and z14 also enable these platforms to be viable options for hosting cloud-native and container-based applications. This further expands IBM’s presence in the cloud space, and emphasizes the pervasive encryption capabilities of z14, highlighting the hyper-security achievable through an IBM mainframe-based cloud environment.

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