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Why hybrid?

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In many ways, the industry has gotten caught up in the “when,” “how” and “how much” questions surrounding hybrid cloud and hybrid IT. All these scenarios assume, as a foregone conclusion, that a hybrid state will be the future of IT deployment. The hype around hybrid has been exacerbated by phrases from “the IT end state” to “inevitable” and “2018 is the year of hybrid.” With so many analysts, vendors and even high-profile customers convinced this concept of hybrid will overtake the industry, not enough attention is being paid to the key question of “why.” While hybrid is very real and will have a big impact, it is still important to evaluate the reasons why this trend is developing. More than just addressing curiosity, understanding the “why” of hybrid provides greater insight into the “when,” “how” and “how much” — answers to which are essential for predicting hybrid’s impact.

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