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Entrepreneurs drive innovation; EY drives the connections and purpose-led transformation

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EY’s Strategic Growth Forum, held in Palm Springs, brought together thousands of top entrepreneurs, advisors, investors and other business leaders from across the country, many of whom were regional winners from the 2017 U.S. Entrepreneur of the Year competition or winners from previous years’ competitions. TBR met entrepreneurs across industries, family businesses and around the globe, and all shared enthusiasm in hearing of others’ successes, connecting with entrepreneurs for advice and meeting potential business partners. EY acted as the orchestrator, inviting successful business executives to speak on topics such as the importance of purpose (or “the why”) of business; valuing talent as “people make growth;” role modeling, both having one and serving as one; staying true to key values; going with instinct when taking risks; and finding a way to impact the community. The conference, designed for attendees to create business and nonbusiness bonds, resulted in a celebration-like vibe grounded around EY’s emphasis on “the future belongs to the connected” and “creating a better working world.”

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