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Quantum computing: Plotting for the pivot

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Quantum computing has the potential to execute complex algorithms 100 million times faster than classical computing instances, but this potential will not be developed overnight. Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) believes commercial quantum computing remains five to seven years from having reliable instances that outperform classical computing performance capabilities. As the world waits for quantum computers to become mainstream, companies such as IBM (NYSE: IBM), Atos and Fujitsu have intermediate quantum offerings that facilitate the development and testing as well as human training to speed creation and commercialization ahead of quantum supremacy. For example, Fujitsu announced a new category of quantum-inspired systems based on proprietary Digital Annealing (DA) technology that can be applied to solve complex real-world social problems. Traditional computing vendors and startups strive to solve the technological challenges on the hardware side while also supporting emerging software assets to allow the world’s brightest minds to begin establishing a base of quantum-ready utilities, tools and algorithms. Plotting the pivot to quantum will also be accelerated by industry partnerships, such as the recent Fujitsu announcements with University of Toronto and 1QBit.

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