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GE Digital uses systematic approach to help industrial companies transform through IIoT

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GE Digital (and GE Software before that) got its vision for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) right. The company created Predix as an edge-to-cloud platform to help connect, analyze, visualize and ultimately transform industrial operations, and thereby impact business models — all by granting end customers greater levels of insight and empowerment, as if moving from a pencil and paper to a touchscreen tablet, than they had before. Two years after helping to define the IIoT market segment, GE Digital has acknowledged that it’s no field of dreams. Simply having the Predix platform, or installing it as a customer, does not ensure success. The lengthy path from capturing industrial sensor data to creating actionable business insights from that data to enacting actual business improvements has proved to be longer than GE Digital, or any other commercial Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer, had assumed.

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