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Tableau: From toolset to enterprise platform with portfolio expansions

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Tableau (NYSE: DATA) is shifting its product set from a beloved tool to an enterprise-grade, mission-critical platform. To accelerate adoption and appeal to enterprises, executives have shifted the company’s go-to-market strategy to supplement its traditional bottom-up, land-and-expand strategy with a top-down, discover-and-descend strategy as well as a more flexible pricing model to enable subscriptions and enterprisewide purchases. These sales changes, however, needed to be underpinned by a portfolio of products that would do more than help users see and understand their data through visualizations. As such, Tableau has successfully innovated and acquired technology that not only better equips users to analyze their data in the best visual manner but also helps accelerate responses to queries to the speed of business, improve data quality, and extend the functionality of the product set to serve the unique, elevated needs of business users. Helping administrators with security, governance and compliance needs is a self-admitted point of necessary improvement for Tableau as it drives deeper into enterprises, but initial developments in certified data sources prove the company is investing in closing that gap to truly become part of mission-critical enterprise operations. Additional progress on the security, governance and compliance side, while not as exciting to the traditional Tableau user, will be necessary to accelerate enterprisewide adoption.

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