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SAP offers a 'design your own digital transformation' approach

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TechEd 2017 highlighted the evolution that SAP (NYSE: SAP) has undergone over the last five to 10 years, while still showcasing elements of the company’s roots. The conference was geared toward the developer and IT community, a group SAP is comfortable messaging to, which kept it very technology-oriented and full of scrolling screens of code. However, SAP seemingly took a page from the playbooks of cloud-native vendors in that the event was much more casual than past TechEd conferences and certainly more casual than other SAP events such as SAPPHIRE NOW. TechEd 2017 was rich with hands-on demos and coding stations for developers and less encumbered by suit-laden executives and product managers. While these seem like small details, they show an ongoing evolution at SAP and are important in SAP’s efforts to change its reputation among customers, partners and developers. TechEd showed that the company is certainly on the right track in these endeavors.

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