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F5 enhances application control, performance and security in a multi-cloud world

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The era of cloud disruption is upon us, and the simple task of securing applications grows increasingly complex as a multitude of options for migrating workloads to cloud environments creates a nightmare for IT organizations, specifically chief information security officers. Companies are migrating more workloads to cloud environments, fueled in part by new emerging technologies such as containers, which are a more cost-effective alternative to virtualization. Container vendors such as Docker, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos continue to experience increasing adoption of their technology, specifically in areas of DevOps. With workload migration on the rise, companies are tasked with not only managing the application sprawl but also maintaining control, performance and the security of the applications. This challenge is further compounded as companies move workloads between public cloud providers. As security policies need to be redefined, “as a Service” platforms need to be re-architected to support the new policies, adding cost, time and complexity to what could be a simple move. F5 (Nasdaq: FFIV) addressed these challenges at its recent Agility Analyst Day in Chicago.

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