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Data, speed and answers: Atos' 'prescriptive' cybersecurity solution

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Everything starts with data, and the motivating measurement is speed. But core to Atos’ emerging “prescriptive security operations centers” will be answering a common question among chief information security officers (CISOs): “What should I do?” If responsible security officers have two basic questions — “Is my company secure?” and “What do I need to do to prepare for the next attack?” — then responsible CEOs and boards need to recognize that the value of security comes from providing any digitally enabled enterprise with a foundation built on two things: data availability and data authenticity. Few companies today believe they’ll survive without being digitally enabled. If Atos has tapped into a new way of thinking about security, it comes from understanding two simple truths about every modern business model: It all starts with data, and speed separates the living from the dead.

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