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IoT World is a model of the emerging IoT industry

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Internet of Things (IoT) World, held in Santa Clara, Calif., from May 14-17, was a beehive of activity. Attendees included many small and local companies seeking sales and alliances, some larger vendor and customer companies looking for products or services to solve problems, and a variety of private equity investors looking for opportunities. The event was a powerful illustration of how IoT depends on supporting ecosystems.

While IoT continues to expand, it is still immature. Growth and further maturation will continue for more than five years. One critical part of the evolution of the IoT industry is increasing differentiation and clarifying classification of the many different types of vendors that play a role in creating and delivering IoT solutions. IoT solutions are more diverse and potentially more complex than purely IT solutions, and a far greater variety of product and services components can contribute to IoT solutions.

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