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The death of stand-alone DMP vendors

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Founded in 2003, AudienceScience was one of the most mature vendors in the data management platform (DMP) segment. The company’s claim to fame was landing one of the largest spenders in digital advertising, Procter & Gamble (P&G), (NYSE: PG). With a roster of brands numbering in the dozens, P&G provided a steady stream of revenue and growth opportunities for AudienceScience. However, the P&G contract came at the expense of not being able to pursue other consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients, plus significant “white glove” services and custom development. One month after its global CPG client determined it would be cutting ties of approximately eight years, AudienceScience announced the closing of its doors. P&G opted to move its business to Neustar (NYSE: NSR), a multiline data and internet services provider that includes a DMP. For AudienceScience, the move signifies the risk-reward vendors face when inking mega deals with clients, particularly when operating in niche segments.

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