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Contributing vendors bring skilled reinforcements, acknowledging OpenStack is by no means easy

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The 2017 OpenStack Summit in Boston offered attendees the opportunity to hear not only from the OpenStack Foundation but also from contributing vendors and community members, rounding out the event messaging and providing participants with portfolio updates as well as a lens into user trials and tribulations. In his opening statement, OpenStack Foundation Executive Director Jonathan Bryce acknowledged user and market concerns — including pushback around the complexity of OpenStack implementations and deployment, as well as the perception that OpenStack is “all or nothing” — by underscoring that the foundation is actively looking into how to address these concerns by simplifying messaging and the path to implementation. Contributing members are helping to lead this charge by offering additional deployments, such as Private Cloud as a Service options, and partnering with other members and nonmembers of the OpenStack community to further open their ecosystems and alleviate some of the enterprise pain points around integrations and interoperability with other technologies and ecosystems.

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