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Hybrid is driving cloud and the overall IT opportunity

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After years of vendors investing in acquisitions, development and alliances to enable hybrid environments, customers are finally starting to see real adoption momentum. The use of hybrid cloud (a combination of cloud services) and hybrid IT (a combination of cloud services and on-premises assets) is now a reality for most enterprises, with 51% reporting at least one workload is leveraging a hybrid cloud or IT deployment method. While it took time for these enterprises to understand the market, build the skills and develop the use cases, more customers are demonstrating real maturity meeting the IT and business challenges inherent in hybrid deployments. Growing hybrid adoption is a reflection of increased customer readiness and wider availability of technology from vendors for managing and integrating assets across cloud and on-premises environments. With no signs of customers or vendors slowing their investments in hybrid, TBR anticipates companies’ initial adoption will grow and deepen as the flexibility, cost savings and quality of delivery of hybrid are further demonstrated in the next year.

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