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From hype to opportunities: Defining digital transformation services

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A buzz term arises that encompasses a theory. Marketing teams get their hands on it and brand as many offerings as possible under that umbrella. While it is easy to conceptualize, the more the theory is examined, the more questions arise as to the specifics. Digital transformation is one of the more recent buzz phrases entering that fray, with many definitions, few of which are agreed upon, creating confusion in the market.

TBR hears varying positions on the digital transformation market in its interactions with advisory and IT services vendors, with vendors applying the term with extremely broad strokes, often geared more toward marketing than defining a concrete capability. While some seek to bucket digital transformation capabilities as an all-encompassing umbrella under which a huge range of disruptive technologies exist, others use the term more judiciously to discuss leveraging technology to functionally change a business. While digital transformations cannot exist without disruptive technologies, the concurrent, yet also independent themes can complicate conversations about the topic.

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