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SAP extends beyond CRM to orchestrate omnichannel business

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SAP continues to evolve from its roots in back-office, on-premises ERP and supply chain management (SCM) software to a cloud-led, enterprisewide solutions vendor that also supports front-office functions. As the company evolves, so too do its capabilities, enabling it to better compete with leading cloud-native vendors, such as Salesforce, for opportunities in higher-growth areas such as CRM and marketing. Last year’s SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC) theme of “go beyond CRM” was a prelude to the 2017 focus of integration, unification and “cloudification.”

The SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, SAP Hybris Commerce, and SAP Hybris Marketing suites are helping companies digitize their businesses, particularly in the transition to cloud-based CRM and real-time digital marketing tools. On their own, these platforms “check the box” for many clients, but their ability to tie into back-office systems run by SAP software, as well as nascent subsegments such as Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, for which SAP also provides solutions, will ultimately provide long-term value for clients. This scenario whereby SAP drives improved business intelligence and delivers better customer experiences for enterprises helps it differentiate from enterprise software peers against which it may directly or indirectly compete. Last year, SAP Hybris became the umbrella for all SAP’s solutions across commerce, marketing, revenue, sales and service.

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