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Security vendors place their bets on the 3 biggest opportunities for 2017

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Each year, security vendors use the RSA Conference to showcase their newest or most strategic security offerings. Considering the presentations and exhibits of over 550 vendors at this year’s conference, many vendors are betting on three significant market trends to deliver much of their revenue growth and profitability improvements in 2017: customers’ increasing reliance on endpoint security solutions, their evolving need for distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation and their growing preference for cloud-based delivery of security solutions. Indeed, TBR’s research confirms that customers will spend much of their average 11.8% security budget increases this year in these three areas. Vendors are placing their bets by aligning their strategies and investing large portions of their development and sales resources in one or more of these trends. The outcomes of each vendor’s bets will depend on the steps taken to address each trend, including putting together the right set of endpoint security features; preparing for Internet of Things (IoT)-based DDoS protection; or adopting a cloud-first, partner-centric model for security technology delivery.

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