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#Digital strategist: Anticipating the path as emerging tech permeates, infuses and scales across consulting

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As early as 2014, Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) noted that emerging technologies had begun to permeate management consulting, as strategy firms and old-school IT services vendors folded digital, cloud, analytics and even Internet of Things offerings into consulting engagements, pointing to a future of digital transformation. While total transformation may be years away, consultancies have fully infused emerging technologies into every engagement, including pilot projects around social listening, cost-cutting initiatives to move enterprise data to the cloud, and massive SAP upgrades onto analytics-based, all-in-one platforms. TBR sees the next two years as critical in this permeation-to-infusion shift to scale, even as consultancies face client pressure to stay focused on business, not technology, problems. The construction boom around client-centric, innovation-themed collaborative centers has laid the foundation for an overall boom in consulting — so who will benefit most?

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