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Vendors react to IoT market realities and refine their go-to-market strategies, fostering year-to-year revenue growth of 17.9% in 4Q17

Technology Business Research, Inc.’s (TBR) 4Q17 Commercial IoT Benchmark recorded revenue growth of 17.9% year-to-year, to $10 billion, in 4Q17, reflecting benchmarked vendors’ efforts to realign their go-to-market strategies to educate customers, solve clients’ business problems, and promote tactical, stepwise transformation over total strategic transformation. Overall commercial Internet of Things (IoT) gross profit increased 18.2% year-to-year to $5 billion, outpacing the revenue growth rate, indicating component specialization, such as in ICT and software, is still important despite the ongoing threat of commoditization from standardization and prepackaged IoT solutions.

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