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Postpaid net additions will slow in 2018 as enhanced network quality and video bundles are persuading customers to stay with their current carriers

HAMPTON, N.H. (March 21, 2018) — Wireless revenue rose 2% year-to-year to $62.7 billion among U.S. carriers covered in Technology Business Research Inc.’s (TBR) 4Q17 U.S. & Canada Mobile Operator Benchmark. The increase was largely driven by higher equipment revenue stemming from customers purchasing unsubsidized devices on equipment installment plans (EIPs) as well as adoption of more expensive smartphones such as the iPhone X. Though T-Mobile remained the only Tier 1 U.S. carrier to increase service revenue year-to-year in 4Q17, other operators expect service revenue will gradually improve in 2018 as the bulk of subscribers have now transitioned from postpaid contracts to discounted service plans provided to EIP customers.

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