Our Process

Our Process

TBR applies a mature methodology of gathering, processing, and analyzing data to ensure we synthesize relevant and unbiased recommendations that don't hinge solely on the most popular data points or conventional wisdom.

Gathering, Processing, and Analyzing. The never-ending TBR methodology.

Your business is a complex one. The TBR process helps simplify it. Our ongoing gathering, processing, and analyzing ensure the most fact-based, conclusive evidence possible. This, in turn, delivers the most valuable data and insights for your business.

During the Gathering phase, we collect data from multiple key sources such as financial data and publicly available documents as well as vendors, customers, and channel partners. We also use data collected at significant industry events and engagement points, like conferences, Web sites, and briefings. We take the resulting raw data and use it in notes, statements, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., and directly apply it to our second phase: Processing.

The Processing phase is where we synthesize and generate usable information. Through extensive organizing, modeling, and vetting of the information we've gathered, proper benchmarking and presentation of information can occur. This produces numerous metrics, charts, tables, and graphs that are necessary to begin the Analyzing phase.

Through keen observation and extensive analysis of processed data, we are able to draw important conclusions, establish relevant scenarios, and, perhaps most importantly, make quantifiable recommendations based on the implications that these elements could potentially present based on your company's unique situation.

Of course, this is a cyclical process. Economics, technology, and consumer demand drive constant change. So we must always be ready to re-evaluate the situation and put our own conclusions to the test once again. The result of this ongoing process is the most timely and accurate business and competitive intelligence possible.

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